Monday, October 15, 2007

Firedancer, With Whips, At Burning Man Decompression

Parrots Chilling On A Walker

Seen on the streets of Los Angeles, somewhere in either downtown or Chinatown (or possibly the border between downtown and Chinatown). I saw the birds moving; they're real birds. I used to have a cockatiel and a couple parakeets. These guys aren't cockatiels, but they were roughly that size. The only parrot I know of this size with roughly this appearance costs like $300 a pop. I think it's the Indian or ringneck parakeet, but these guys are just sorta hanging out on some senior citizen's walker in the streets of a not exactly ritzy neighborhood. I don't know what the story was, but I know there was a story.

Seahorses (From Burning Man Decompression)

Downtown Graffiti

Downtown isn't a direction in Los Angeles; it's a specific part of the city.

Overpass Graffiti Downtown

This is right where the 10 meets the 101, in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. The thing you have to realize is that somebody physically painted that. The area isn't tall enough for a person to stand in, and I took the shot from the freeway below. Whoever painted this was perching in there like a monkey over a height that would have injured them severely, and very possibly killed them, if they had fallen.

There's no money in graffiti. There's nothing but the ego trip of people seeing your work, and the pleasure of doing it. Somebody spent a bunch of time in life-threatening danger for this.

There is graffiti like this all over the city.

Landing @ LAX

The Other Hollywood Sign

Treehouse View

The view from my Echo Park sublet. I frequently see squirrels, cats, and birds from this window. I never see people. It's like a little mountain getaway in the middle of the city. And when I say mountain, I mean mountain. In New Mexico I've lived in actual mountains, and the roads there weren't as steep as the road I now live on. A lot of people think of San Francisco as the hilly California city, but the three steepest roads in California are all here in Los Angeles. Two of them are within a mile or two of this picture.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Broken Sign = Accidental Typographic Genius

Flying Into LAX

Long Graffiti Mural In Silverlake

It says "s Angeles." (Guess the missing letters.) It's cobbled together from several pictures, and I only got about half of it. The full-size version is here.